代表取締役 福岡 裕典

President and CEOHironori Fukuoka

Certified Traditional Craftsman

  • April 1970

    Born in the Nishijin District of Kyoto as the 4th generation heir to Fukuoka Weaving
    During his childhood, he helped with the weaving at the workshop after school.

  • April 1989

    Joined Fukuoka Weaving. He learned weaving and color from a craftsman registered as Intangible Cultural Property for Yusoku weaving.

  • September 1996

    Appointed as the President and CEO of Fukuoka Weaving.

  • 2012

    Certified as a Traditional Craftsman under the Nishijin-ori Weaving category.

  • 2013

    “Yusoku Karahana Hakogata” was accepted for the Japan Kogei Association Kinki Exhibition.

  • 2013

    Created Silk Gauze Brocade.

  • 2015

    Become independent from the craftsman and starts selling the Obi(belt) made by himself.

Sumie Mizojiri

Kiyone Ishii

Chihiro Komeda

Shiori Yamamoto

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