Kimono & Obi

What is "Nishijin Ori"

Nishijinori is general term of high quality silk fabric products made in “Nishijin”,Kyoto, and is not specific kind of textile. We produce many kinds of textile. Nishijin is the representative textile producing area in Japan and is boasted to the world as producing region of high quality silk textile as well as Lyon in France and Millan in Italy.

"Obi (Sash)" of Fukuoka Weaving

We produce textile products by not only weaving textile but making designs and dying threads. So we can produce the original products of design responded to our customers’ requests.
In 2008 Kyoto Prefecture approved our business innovation plan themed as “manufacturing and selling of fully custom-made Obi of Nishijinori which responds to customers’ needs. We put certificate stamp issued by Nishijinori Textile Industry Association and provide the highest product quality and security.

The process of making Nishijin Ori

Nishijinori is featured by Mon-ori of Sakizome (fabric woven with pattern using previously dyed yarn) and needs many processes for manufacturing. Skilled professional people are involved in these processes under divided system.
Here we introduce the producing process of our textile.


We decide pattern of Obi ,sash and make the design .We copy it on a graphic paper and color it , counting the ruled lines of paper as the number of threads.


Based on design we make holes on Monshi of 33cm by 45cm which indicate up and down of warp. Then we set the Monshi in Jacquard Loom.


We decide the color of design pattern and dye threads.


We wind up warp and weft thread on frame for the smooth procedure.


Seikei is the process to prepare warp. We wind up 4000 to 10000 warp threads on a big drum .After this we rewind up these threads on a wooden pipe called Chigiri (Beam).


We set the warp in the weaving loom by hand.


After setting warp on the weaving loom ,we wind weft thread on bamboo pipe and set on Hi杼(ひ)(Shuttle).


The warp thread is lifted according to indication of Monshi in Jacquard Loom .We put Hi杼(ひ)(Shuttle)with the weft thread through under the lifted warp by hand . We repeat this procedure again and again to complete Obi.